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The single word that sums up our philosophy is Quality. We seek to deliver the highest standards to give you the customer, the very best in value for money and peace of mind.
All our windows and doors are made to the same exacting standards by highly skilled people. The raw materials have been developed over many years to offer maximum resistance against all weather conditions. Our products provide optimal thermal chacteristics whilst retaining an attractive, easy to maintain, pvc-u finish.
Our fittings, locks and ironmongery are constantly re-designed and updated to ensure smooth operation, durability and optimum security.

Casement Windows

The UK's most popular window style is the casement which has existed in one form or another for at least two hundred years and are still the easiest originals to replace with a modern counterpart.
We can offer you a huge selection of different options of casement designs alone, so there's bound to be one that is absolutely the perfect choice for you and your home. And don't forget, you can also choose whether to have top or side opening frames - or even a combination of both. The final choice is entirely yours.

Vertical Sliding Windows

As the modern equivalent of sash windows this model is an extremely popular choice for those renovating older style house. Vertical sliding frames look every bit as good as their Victorian predessors but differ on one significant point - they don't warp and therefore will not stick.

Tilt & Turn

A style of window very popular in Europe, combining excellent ventilation and security with a chic and stylish appearance The tilt and turn mechanism allows the window to pivot inwards with an opening at the top and sides to allow fresh air in without creating draughts. Because tilt and turn windows open inwards you can clean both sides of the window from inside the property, a positive advantage in high buildings. With our years of experience we are always happy to give professional advice on window styles, but the final choice is always yours.

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